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USE Efficiency December 2011 - January 2012 activities
Wednesday, 01 February 2012

There were two important events in months December and January.

First the Regional event took place in Thessaloniki, December 13, 2011. It was a Workshop, entitled ‘Assessing the energy performance of University Campus buildings, the USE Efficiency project’ and targeted mainly students of the AUTH. More than 120 people, mostly students attended the event.

The workshop was opened by the Vice Rector of AUTH, Prof. J. Pantis. In his speech he presented the scheduled activities towards a sustainable University, presented the on-going work with the energy management system in AUTH, the installation of photovoltaics in 30 AUTH Campus buildings and declared his strong support to activities like those of the USE Efficiency project, since the moving force of AUTH is its staff but mostly its 90.000 students. He assured for his continuous support in every USE Eff related future activity and asked us to put him in our mailing lists, regarding the progress of such activities.

After the welcome speeches the workshop started with Prof. G. Papagiannis presentation, the local coordinator of the USE Efficiency project. In his presentation, entitled ‘The European Energy Policy and the USE Efficiency project’, Prof. G. Papagiannis presented the EU policy for energy towards 2020, the supporting activities of EACI and the IEE programme and the USE Efficiency project.

The final part of the workshop was dedicated to the USE Efficiency students. The student groups who participated the Valencia summer school were there and they presented the work they had done during the second level audit in the two AUTH buildings and their experiences from the Valencia summer school. They highlighted the professional expertise gained during the project, the experience to work with students from other regional, academic and professional culture and they concluded that the participation in the USE Efficiency project was one of the most important experiences during their studies.


The Workshop attracted a significant number of students and market players, who had the chance to listen to the latest developments in the area of energy efficiency improvement in big public buildings and the EPBD implementation process in Greece. Furthermore, with the help of the AUTH Press and Publicity Office, the Press release for Workshop was published in 4 newspapers and in 23 websites, either news-sites or ecology sites or local activities sites. Prof. G. Papagiannis also gave 2 interviews, one for a newspaper and the other live in the Municipality of Thessaloniki radio station.

The other event was the final event of the project that took place on 12-13 January, Budapest. Though the event was called “final event”, all parties agreed that this is also the start of a new period.

Therefore the aim of the event was not only to close the USE Efficiency project, but to explore market player’s expectations and needs from high level education in the field of energy efficiency in the building sector.  The participants consisted of a wide variety of stakeholders: EACI, universities, students from summer school and from other universities, representatives of market players, international and national energy experts, Energy Agencies, media and others.

The welcome speech was delivered by Mrs. Márta Szigeti Bonifert, Executive Director, REC-Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe.

It was followed by the presentation of Mr. Pau Garcia Audi, EACI on The 20/20/20 EU target and energy efficiency.

The opening sessions was closed by the presentation of Mr Sergio Tirado-Herrero from the host Central European University. After the summary of activities and the lunch break, the discussion of market needs and high level education was in the focus in the afternoon. Ms Sunita Gordon from the Guardian talked about the market players’ expectations towards the high level energy education while Mr. Pál Baross, Vice President of Green building council, Hungary Market about the trends and green job opportunities.

In the second part of the afternoon participants were divided into two groups and had facilitated group discussions around two topics:

  1. Building energy/design problems and solutions versus energy awareness
  2. Need for sustainable financing as market product

All sessions were followed by Questions and Answers section.

The second day was dedicated to discuss the future plans which have two main directions: the continuation of the summer school with a wider network or Universities and students and the new IEE call.

The idea is to structure the next Summer School along the lines of the London Olympic Games 2012. The Summer School will be entirely centred on sports building’s energy savings and best practices, and the event will offer a most valuable opportunity for young engineers and market players to interact and work in a challenging environment.

As for the new IEE call, it has just been published with a budget of 62 millions Euro dedicated to actions in the field of energy saving and Renewable, focusing on changing behaviour, raising awareness, communication and education. Based on the winning experience of the first USE Efficiency, and with a starting consortium of 9 universities, plus new 5 ones, The Guardian and RAI as Media partners, the idea is to participate to the new call with a new submission.

Finally, we had two national events in January.

The first at VGTU on the 19 of January. The "Use Efficiency" project, its results and future opportunities were presented to Lithuania market players representatives, meaning around 20 companies.

The second took place on Thursday 20th of January 2012 at IHA. The day was an information meeting and project exhibition, for people interested in the engineering field and others. 18 projects were chosen among these the USE Efficiency project.

People invited were:

  • Students
  • Engineering companies and other market players
  • The press
  • The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA (more than 88.000 members)

Estimated participants 200-300 attended.